International quality standards

The quickest path to approach not only the best but also the most suitable and affordable healthcare standards in the world that are applicable to our hospitals’ developing conditions

Hospital developmental strategies

Together, we can build and implement the most suitable developmental strategies for your hospital based on the hospital’s specific settings.

Countinuos improvement

Building an organisational culture in which every staff member puts their hands together to contribute to the organisation’s development, overall quality with reducing costs, increasing patients’ expectation. Have CHIR – have improvement!

We Love What We Do

Collaborate to improve

Effectively implementing MOH Quality Standards

Training programs on how to effectively apply 83 MOH standards into various hospital settings for hospital leaders, quality management personnel and other key departmental managers.

Consultation in cost management and healthcare pricing

Moving forward to LEAN model: highly effetive with low cost. Assisting hospitals in having a sustainable development when applying financial autonomy.

Emotional Intelligent Improvement

Đây chính là vũ khí để giúp Nhân viên Y tế có thể mang đến sự hài lòng cho người bệnh và cho chính bản thân mình.

Quality management and Patient safety

Lớp tập huấn 2 ngày với nội dung Quản lý Chất lượng và An toàn Người bệnh là nội dung đã đến được nhiều đơn vị nhất.

Apply ACHS Standards

Triển khai bộ tiêu chuẩn chất lượng EQuIP6 của Hội đồng Chất lượng Y tế Úc (ACHS)

Consultation in Strategy Mapping and LEAN applications

Building 5-year general developmental strategies for hospitals. Creating effective cooperation among departments and all staff members within the organisation.

Quality management and Patient safety Club

Establised from 2014, it’s the biggest forum about Quality management and Patient Safety in Viet Nam

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Collaborate to make healthcare better for patients, professionals, and population

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